Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My review of Nutrient Power by Dr. William J Walsh, PhD

NUTRIENT POWER  Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain by Dr. William J. Walsh

Nutrient Power by Dr. William J Walsh grants us a privileged look at the results of 35 years of research by a scientist who never stops pushing the envelope. Research, bolstered  by a scientific database of 25,000 patients and a million assays of chemical factors in blood, urine, and tissue;

This breakthrough book is a bridge from epigenetics and molecular biology to a biochemical psychiatry based on nutrients. It guides us through the brain’s rich biochemical tapestry and healing capacity. We learn about nutrients in terms of:

(1) Treatments for behavior and conduct disorders in youth, promising both a more humane and more effective approach.
(2) The role of metal metabolism, methylation and oxidative stress in autism.
(3) A review of approaches for Alzheimer’s, plus a new nutrient-based therapy.
(4) New theoretical underpinnings for niacin/ folic acid treatment of schizophrenia.
(5) Biotypes underlying ADHD, depression, schizophrenia.

And more. We move, from the methylation and acetylation of DNA histones to neurotransmitter transporters and regulators and synaptic reuptake. From metallothioneins and pyrrole disorders to the repercussions of oxidative stress...

And through it all, we see how nutrients, being intrinsic to how the the brain operates and thrives, directly target errant brain chemistry, while supporting natural brain processes. How nutrients fit intricately with the subtleties and plasticity of brain/body chemistry, as the most accurate biochemical key to neurotransmitter balance, synaptic activity, neuron viability, and genetic manifestation. Nutrients, the natural match for our internal chemistry and structure, created to sustain, build, activate, moderate, repair, and support healthy brain and body function.

The lesson is truly nutrient power!
All packed into one concise gem of a book.
A must-read for anyone who ponders the power of nutrients in mental function.

Review by Eva Edelman, author,
Natural Healing for Bipolar Disorder: A Compendium of Nutritional Approaches
Natural Healing for Schizophrenia and Other Common Mental Disorders

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