Monday, April 19, 2010

Nutritional Therapies for Schizophrenia and Biochemical Individuality

Therapeutic choices ultimately resolve down to the individual's unique biochemical needs.
Everyone is different, has different genetics, and different environmental experiences, and so has different therapeutic requirements.

The task of the physician is to look deep, and ferret out each individual's specific needs (e.g.,  by attention to symptoms, individual and family history, biochemical and physiological labs, and response to treatment, etc.)

Thus, the statements in this blog cannot help but be generalizations, and will not apply to everyone. As they say:  One man's meat is another man's poison.
Hence, keep in mind, that my purpose in this blog is certainly not prescriptive, but solely educational.

And, if you need treatment for schizophrenia, or any other medical condition, please seek the services of a knowledgeable physician. 

 See the introduction, by Jeffrey Bland, PhD, to the classic on the subject, Biochemical Individuality, by Roger Williams, PhD.

 For more on bipolar,  see Natural Healing for Bipolar Disorder

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Great source of info on the development of orthomolecular psychiatry

For insight into the development of nutritional treatments for schizophrenia, and of orthomolecular psychiatry, in general, see:
The issues from 1967-1985 focus almost exclusively or orthomolecular psychiatry.
From 1986 on, the focus expands to orthomolecular (nutritional) medicine.